5 Easy Ways to Intentionally Reduce Screen Time and Increase Productivity for Adults

5 Easy Ways to Reduce Screen Time and Increase Productivity for Adults

Knowingly or unknowingly, we all are overly exposed to screens. This can be a laptop, mobile, television, desktop, tablets, kindle or a gaming screen. On average, an adult is spending more than 10 hours a day in front of screens, which is quite alarming. It is hazardous to our health, social lives and productivity to spend this much time in front of the screen. Some screen time, like work, is unavoidable and those 8 hours that we spend at work are in front of the some type of screen for most of us.

For most people, the biggest productivity buster and screen time sucker is their cell phones or tablets.  We get sucked into looking at things on our phones and tablets for ‘just a sec’ which can turn into hours. By intentionally reducing your phone and tablet time and you will see an increase in productivity.

 Here are a few ways in which screen time can be intentionally limited.

1)      Turn your phone or tablet off at certain hours, like when you are at work or after dinner until the morning. If this makes you uncomfortable and you want to have your phone on so you do not miss an important phone call or message, igamemom.com has a great list of apps that lock your phone and only let certain programs through.

2)      Delete Facebook  from your phone or tablet. I can to say this enough to everyone I meet. You will notice such a feeling of freedom and relief after you do this. You can still access it occasionally on your phone through web application or on your desktop or laptop. After a few days of not receiving notifications on your phone you will forget about it. Trust me!

3)      Implement a no phone rule when you are with your friends or family. For the duration of your time together, no one can look at their phone unless there is an emergency or you are using it to get directions, etc. This has to be discussed and accepted by all parties and having other people involved makes it easier to keep yourself in check.

4)      Put your phone or tablet in the drawer which is farthest from your bed at bedtime. Not only will you not spend extra hours on nonsense browsing, when your alarm goes off in the morning you will have to get up and take it out of the drawer which will help you on your feet faster!

5)      Use a day planner or start a bullet journal. Important dates and work projects can be tracked online and must be for some points because of calendar sharing, especially if your family shares a google calendar (which I am totally for as I love how it keeps everyone on the same page). Once you start using a planner and making a habit of updating every day you will notice a big change in your productivity. Having your life organised in a notebook helps you really see what you need to do and how far you have come. Track everything in one place, instead of using 10 different apps and you will see screen time reduce and productivity increase after the first week!

Start with these 5 tips and you will see a change. I know you can do it!

4 thoughts on “5 Easy Ways to Intentionally Reduce Screen Time and Increase Productivity for Adults

  1. Great ideas! I have been working on this myself. Deleting apps helps me a lot. I’m going to try leaving my phone out of the bedroom at night because I definitely stay up too late browsing different things like Pinterest!

  2. Such important tips!!!! I actually have the phone at the table rule and it’s hard to enforce!
    Loved the app suggestions to lock certain things in the phone, I’ll give those a try.

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