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why i created most special moments intentional purposeful mindful living and mothering
Most Special Moments is so much more than moment and journal cards. It’s a community of Moms who have made the choice to be intentional in their journey through  motherhood.



The digital world provides you with many ways to help organise our  lives  on our phone or tablet, but for many moms, its too much. When I look at my phone filled with 50 apps, each one serving a different purpose, I become overwhelmed! Through conversations with other moms, I realised I was not alone. We are analog moms living in a digital world!
We enjoy the sound of a pencil scraping paper. We want our plans to be tangible. That thin line crossing over our to-do list items makes us joyful! We need simple a way to organise our memories and our plans that speaks to us, and is fun and fulfilling.
These are the reasons I created Most Special Moments.
Most Special Moments started with Moment and Journal Milestone Cards. Cards with a purpose. Cards that allow you to take a picture of the special milestones of your pregnancy or baby’s first years then immediately write your thoughts, feelings, or special related moments on the back. Analog moms know the importance of an irreplaceable  handwritten note.
Thank you for joining us on this journey. We can’t wait to help you record and plan your Most Special Moments.





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