The Path to Minimalism – Simple Living – Intentional Mindful Purposeful Living & Mothering

Minimalism for the weary wife and mama – organize your home and life

“You have succeeded in life when all you really want is only what you really need.”

1918. Vernon Howard

Minimalism is the practical implementation of this quotation by Vernon Linwood Howard, an American philosopher and spiritual teacher. It is not imposed, but a deliberate and accepted way of living with minimum items that you really need, enjoy, and want to hold on to.

It is about purposefully getting rid of everything unnecessary or unwanted from your home and life. Minimalism intends to make life simpler and less chaotic, this is why minimalism is frequently called ‘simple living’.

It is about taking inventory of your life. I want to stay here for a moment and reflect on the word inventory as I believe this is really the key to any self change. Reaching that point where you realize you must take inventory of your life, choose the things that are essential and lose the things that are not, shows a mindset that is open, aware and intentional.

If you are reading this, you are probably either looking into, or have already made that mind state change. There are, of course, varying degrees of minimalism and on this blog I am going to share with you how I implement it in my life, how it has helped and inspired me to become a better and less stressed out person, wife and mother. I hope to inspire you and be your catalyst for change because I believe in you.

We are not talking about throwing out all of our things and living with the bare minimum. I want to show you how to, systematically, go through your house, and then your schedule, so to ‘trim the fat’.  To look at all of your things and tasks and choose what you love and is useful to you and part way with the rest. I want to help you to add purpose and meaning to your home and your days, to be less stressed ,and to feel like you really do have enough hours in the day to complete everything you want, and more!

Implementing this life change will require consistency and discipline. Small goals will turn into habits and once they become a part of your life, you will feel more at ease, happy and productive.  The mindfulness will lead to self-recognition where you will learn so much more about yourself than you ever knew. I am so excited that you are here and are ready to make this change! 

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